Hobby-related: Amigurumi plans for 2015

Okay, so I wasn’t done talking about my inserts. ^_^;; Here’s my hobby insert! What is amigurumi? Crochet stuffed toys. I’ve been meaning to do this for years, so it’s now part of the 2015 goals! Here’s the cover page, where I try to give myself motivation to start. ^_~

Amigurumi cover page!

“Charts” in the page above means patterns. The next page is basically where I list the patterns I want to make.

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2015! (and my wraparound personal organizer)

Happy New Year, everyone!! ^o^

2015 admittedly got off to a rough start for me. Lol. Came home at 4am, woke up at 10am and my arms were aching like -crazy-. I have no idea how I made my upper arms sore, as the only activity I can think of was using the handheld mixer when I was making a cake. ^_^;; I was at my friend’s place for a potluck and I definitely didn’t do anything strenuous. -_- Needless to say, I felt like -crap- yesterday. Wanted to get up to shower, but fell back asleep and only woke up at 7pm!! O_O Totally wasted one whole day. But we all have those “off” days, so I’ll chalk it up to that. *grin*

I -am- worried about how my body will react once I start exercising; especially if my arms act this sore after who knows what. I started using my organizer and 2015 inserts this week and this week’s exercise goal is a non-achiever. I had planned to go to a bootcamp session tonight, but it’s my cousin’s wedding and they don’t do bootcamps at the weekends–not when my friends are having sessions anyway. I’ll try to squeeze in two half-hour stints on the elliptical machine this weekend to chalk up at least 2 out of my goal of 3 exercise sessions.

Anyways, after all that talk about my organizer/planner inserts, here’s a pic of what I’m currently using. =D It’s a red leaf-motif wraparound personal (A6) organizer:

Red wraparound personal 6-ring binder!

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Toys and games planner inserts

I have spent so much on toys, but have always put them aside the moment I receive them. There’s a lack of display space, hence it’s too troublesome to take them out of their boxes and to put them back again: that’s my main excuse to keep buying new toys, and keeping them unopened after receiving them. It’s like the main excitement is in the purchase, rather than the owning. *wince*

I think I’m almost a hoarder. Almost. Or maybe compulsive buyer? *wince* So to prove otherwise, I will take out a toy every week to enjoy its coolness and remind myself why I’d wanted to buy it in the first place. Who knows? I might end up deciding to sell those I find I don’t really enjoy. *crosses fingers*

But before I even start with the toys, I need to actually clean up my room and clear up space for them. So the first weeks, I foresee a lot of cleaning activity. Here’s the cover page and weekly activity page for toys:


Next up, the games section is to basically touch the 3DS and PS3 that I own but have been sitting around collecting dust for years. I bought the 3DS almost two years ago, but it’s probably only seen under 3 hours of gameplay. *wince* Might have been a mistake purchase, truthfully. We shall see.

The goal is to do something with my consoles/handhelds, with no time limit set at the moment, but I’m hoping at least half an hour goes into each activity.

I’m pretty comfortable with how plain my activity pages look. Mostly because I’m not willing to spend more time than I already have designing my inserts. I’m really happy I’m stuck with a black and white ink to print with; assigning superficial colours would eat up even more of my time. ^_^;

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Exercise inserts

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! Happy Holidays to the rest of us! =D

Exercise inserts time! My goal next year (eeps, that starts next week!) is to exercise three times a week. Lol. You can see my ultimate goal and my motivation points on the cover page below (left page):

Click for larger image

The right page is a measurements tracker. The easiest way to see if results are showing would be the decrease in cm! *crosses fingers hard* It should also help me see if whatever I’ve been doing for the month is effective.

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Daily writing inserts

Okay, here’s the writing-related inserts I made. The cover page of the daily writing section and the 6 months daily tracker:

Click for a bigger image! =D

To help goal-orientation, the cover has a list of reasons why I want to write daily.  Finding reasons is kinda hard. Lol. Marking off the days done on that simple calendar should be an incentive on its own. Gonna use a bright red/pink colour! >=D

I’ll be writing on Seyes (french-ruled) paper. Info on what that is over here. Half the reason I’m writing on Seyes paper is cos I’m curious to see how my handwriting would fare. My writing can look different, depending on the pen I use, as well as the speed I write with. And in just a sentence, sometimes, you can see my handwriting change. ^_^;; I thought I’d be able to see if using such a rigidly lined paper would change my handwriting some. Sample of a daily page:

My handwriting is decent when I slow down.

That’s page 1 of my ramblings. *grin* That above is me using a pen I don’t often write it, so I was trying pretty hard to be neat. XD The slimmer the pen, the straighter the body (without the fancy curves that is supposedly ideal), the more comfortable a pen is for me, grip-wise and writing-wise. Sadly, a couple of my favourite inks are housed in badly-shaped bodies (imho), so I make do. =( It makes a pretty good excuse for how bad my handwriting gets with them anyway. ^_~

The daily pages were obtained from Ray’s page here. I do want to copy and paste the lines and make my own version eventually. I find the border lines too dark, and I would prefer a clear space for my headings, plus pre-printed dates. I made a mistake of printing out a whole stack already, so that’ll have to wait. =D

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2015 goals! Featuring the weekly habits tracker

Since I was looking at organizers for work, I went and got myself a very cheap personal organizer as well. At the time of purchase, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to use it for. Then I got inspired to organize my life. You know how it is; you always have this list of things you want to do: I want to do the  exercising I keep wanting to do, eat the things I keep meaning to eat, play with the toys I spend so much on, but don’t pay attention to, and the list goes on.

Well, this time around, I decided that I’m not getting any younger, and I should start doing the things I keep planning to do. So began my planning…

I spent the whole day thinking of my personal goals that I want to work into my life next year. Planning the goals part took only over an hour. Designing and printing the individual inserts for my organizer took much longer. But I was highly productive! After the whole afternoon and most of the night, I have most of my inserts! Hohoho. The real test would be to use some of them during the last week of 2014 and see if I need to do any tweaking. Hopefully they’re good to go for 2015.

I’ll start showcasing the different inserts I made over the next week. =D For today, I’m showing the weekly habits tracker. I was only able to create this tracker after I’d decided on the areas I wanted to focus on and set achievable goals for 2015. The design is based on the one by Ray here.

Here’s a sample of how it works:

Weekly Habits Tracker

Click for the larger image. My mouse-writing is bad, I know. =D

From the tracker, you can see that my goals for 2015 affect the following:
1. Writing
2. Exercise
3. Toys
4. Games
5. Hobby
6. Emailing people
7. Catching up with friends on social media (aka stalking)

More on those individual items soon. =D The to-do list actually takes up a larger area than shown. It’s for items that needs to be done (either related to the 7 items above, or not).

I still need to create dividers/tabs to go with the inserts. Phew. But I’m feeling really good about things! I’m hoping that this will help me keep to a schedule and create new habits. =D And yes, this organizer thing is kinda addictive. ^_~


For future reference: should I ever have the time or inclination, I’d like to improve on my English grammar, so learning a grammar rule every week sounds doable. I’d also like to re-learn my Japanese and be able to read Japanese properly. So I’ll definitely start looking into lesson plans and create the appropriate inserts eventually. =D

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Work Planner inserts

Okay, today I will talk about the inserts I made for my work organizer. =D Since I’m very particular about what I wanted, I planned out my inserts based on some examples I saw on the web. Some of the inserts I’ve created so far includes daily inserts, my monthly checklist, lined note pages, leave & sick leave pages and EVP pages. I already started using my inserts earlier this month, even before my organizer arrived.

After using my daily inserts for a day, I knew the initial design needed to be tweaked. Here’s the initial design based on those I’ve seen on the web:

Daily inserts – draft 1

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