I started having cold symptoms yesterday. My nose was a running tap, and the back of my throat felt dry and heaty (or a bit raw, I suppose). I drank water by the bottles, and my mum gave me this tiny lil pill to stop the runny nose. I felt pretty low the whole day, […]

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Recently, I found out about the R4DS, a neat lil device for the DS which will let you play DS ROMs on it. *_* A colleague of mine had bought one for his brother in Hong Kong and he’d recommended it to me. And most recently, another colleague had gone to Hong Kong and had […]

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Today, I finally decided to spend money on a new set of Hori crystal filters for Kalirahn (my DS lite). I went to to see how much it’d cost with shipping. Buying it locally, the stupid thing would cost me triple the retail price. Looking at amazon, it was cheaper by half even with […]

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