Today, I finally decided to spend money on a new set of Hori crystal filters for Kalirahn (my DS lite). I went to to see how much it’d cost with shipping. Buying it locally, the stupid thing would cost me triple the retail price. Looking at amazon, it was cheaper by half even with shipping and I saw the Ouendan 2 game available at a discount, which made the shipping even more worth it. And I know a couple of people who needed screen filters too… So there I was, all gung ho about spending money, and then, I check up on shipping…

They won’t sell them games internationally. -_- ARGH!!! ToT

My touch screen’s filter is really scratched up and I’d like a new one, you know? It’s been months… -_- *shakes amazon* And I wanted to get that metallic long pen too cos my last plastic one is about to crack again. -_-

I’m going to go check in a few moments. -_- Let’s hope they have both the crystal filters and metallic long pen. ToT

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  1. you could try they usually have quite a lot of stuff. I got my ps2 to pc controller adapter from there (and an FFXII ost \^o^/ )

    oh, i saw the official guitar hero controller in EGM the other day! but it was $99 T__T

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