I started having cold symptoms yesterday. My nose was a running tap, and the back of my throat felt dry and heaty (or a bit raw, I suppose). I drank water by the bottles, and my mum gave me this tiny lil pill to stop the runny nose. I felt pretty low the whole day, though it wasn’t so bad, as I was able to give Mars’ Galad a new faceup. I had wanted to take a nap, but it bothered me, because I wanted to see what I could do with him, so I got up and worked on him. ^_^; I tried to avoid breathing in thinner and MSC as I worked, and using pastels had helped decrease the use of thinner for paint, since I didn’t paint at all.

This morning, I woke with a slight headache and a stuffy head. It got a lot better as the hours wore on, and luckily, my nose had stopped leaking. ^o^ So feeling all better, I drove over to Nas’ apartment to help with the painting.

Okay, so I didn’t do much painting. *laughs* They were pretty much half done when I’d arrived, and I did do a bit. I helped cleaned the brushes, rollers and pans at the end, so that’s something. *grin* I think he wants to get everything that’s supposed to be painted done by next weekend so that he can move in soon? Don’t recall even asking him if his bed’s bought yet, though I do know he has a sofa set in mind. ^_^; The living room side we’d painted, where the tv and stuff will be is a yummy chocolate milk (light) pillared by pale yellow. Turn 180 degrees and it’s all pale yellow.

Mars has mentioned the dining area is going to be a _bright_ yellow and an orange? *_* haha. *_* I’m really curious about how that’s going to look. Hohoho.

No pictures as I didn’t bring my camera.

Anyways, my nose feels stuffed up now, and my throat’s even dryer. T_T I’m going to bed. Hopefully I’ll be fully recovered tomorrow. I hate having colds. -_-


Oh, Red’s started working at an internet place, so he’ll be gone nights now, which means the pc’s all mine. Hohoho. ^o^v I’ll be online more often, maybe. ^_^; I _do_ have a pile of movies waiting for me… -_- And not to mention FFXII on the PS2…

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