Recently, I found out about the R4DS, a neat lil device for the DS which will let you play DS ROMs on it. *_* A colleague of mine had bought one for his brother in Hong Kong and he’d recommended it to me. And most recently, another colleague had gone to Hong Kong and had bought a DSL there. The DSL bought in HK had come with a package which included the R4DS, a micro sd card for it, and preloaded ROMs. O_o It’s just about $50 or so cheaper than getting the DSL here, along with the R4DS and a micro SD card. Talk about awesome. O_o The colleague getting it had no idea what the heck the R4 really does, and the worse thing is, she got the chinese version, and you can’t change languages for it. Haha… *_* We tried Cooking Mama on her DSL at work yesterday and Nuran and I are in love with it. *grin* Caroline had joined us for some cooking madness and we wasted more than an hour of work time on it. ^o^ So we love our casual games. ^_~ Caroline might end up getting the DSL after all after this, though I don’t reckon I’ll enjoy explaining what the hell the R4 is and how the heck she’s to add new games to it. *falls over*

Has anyone noticed? How it’s harder to explain how things work to people who tell you from the getgo that they suck at technical things? Or at playing games even? The mood to share and teach just drops dramatically, and even though they ask you to tell them anyway, you don’t really feel like it anymore… -_-

Anyway, back to the R4, I’m tempted, of course. It’s a cheap way for me to play the games I’d put down on my “To Buy” list, but which I won’t be able to afford until a long time to come. Very tempted, especially after the hands on experience with my colleague’s. It’s available locally, at around the same price as ordering online, or buying abroad. I’ll probably talk myself into getting it if it’s the English version in the stores.

About not being able to afford games though, I’m making an exception to Ouendan 2. ^_^; I’ll probably get it some time this year. It’s listed quite affordable on Seow Choon in Singapore… ToT

Nuran wants to get a DSL too, now that she knows you don’t have to spend money on games. ^_^; Though I’m guessing she’ll probably be happy playing on Kalirahn if I get more casual games.

A related note, I’ve been waiting for friends to buy the Nintento Wii. ToT They’ve started selling the modified consoles in the shops here now, and bootleg games are available as well. Those who’d tried it ended up buying it. ^o^ I’ve yet to try it yet, but I’ve found out a shop here actually lets people try it out–most of them don’t. Hohohoho. More updates on the Wii when I get my hands on. ^_^

In reality, I haven’t had that much time to spend on DS games much as a friend has lent me his PS2 and I’ve been busy with FFXII, .hack Infection and Katamari Damacy. ^_^; _Must_ find We Love Katamari! *o* Who’d have known rolling things up would be so addictive. ToT

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