I’m not a strategy person; thinking isn’t my kind of thing when it comes to games, unless it’s something like Sudoku or Picross. I don’t play games like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics or Warcraft. But last week, I bought GrimGrimoire for the PS2 and oooh… I guess I can play games like Warcraft after all. As long as there’s an easier than easy mode! *laughs*

GrimGrimoire is an absolutely beautiful game. The graphics are lovely and the characters are adorable and lovable. And the English dubbing is pretty decent. I actually _enjoy_ listening to the characters talk their way through the story cutscenes. The voice actors did quite well in my opinion. Especially Advocat. Hohoho. I love him! ^__^

Here’s a good review from ign which gives you more of an idea of how the game plays. But if you’re familiar with Warcraft, the gameplay should be familiar to you. You employ elves or imps etc to draw mana from crystals. With the mana, you can summon fairies, demons, dragons etc from runes. In the game, you’ll get different grimoires from which you can create different types of runes. As you level up, you learn more pages of the grimoires with which you can level up your runes and summons. You gotta combat the enemies’ summons and destroy their runes.

Some of the battles can be pretty short, while some can take you more than half an hour. But the best thing is, for a strategy n00b like me, you can select the difficulty of each battle; you can choose from Sweet, Easy, Normal or Difficult (or was that Hard?) modes. I was feeling really good, going through the first five battles in Normal mode. Then I stuck to Easy for the next two, and finally surrendered to Sweet. Hahaha. *wince* I still lost a couple of times because I fought with the wrong grimoires and ended up with the wrong runes. *falls over* It can be really frustrating to have to spend more than twenty minutes on a battle and lose in the end. -_- But unlike FFT, at least I don’t waste that amount of time fighting in unimportant battles.

After reading the review, I realised that you can change language options. Whoo! I’m definitely going to rewatch each story chapter in Japanese later. I didn’t know as the options aren’t on the title screen and I never had reason to look for language change. But that should be a plus to Japanese dubbing fans. ^_^

GrimGrimoire has been really enjoyable so far, and I’d recommend you to try it. If you don’t wanna play the battles, get someone’s save file just to enjoy the story. You really have to meet the characters. They’re designed really beautifully and I simply adore Advocat. Opalneria’s really hot too. ^o^

* * *

At this point in time, I’ve finished the game. *grin* Sweet mode all to the end. The game took me about 11 hours in total–I did waste an hour or so failing battles, but after I got used to which runes to use, it was pretty easy. *grin* Battles don’t take more than 30 mins usually, so you can enjoy the storyline without having to tear your hair out.

I love this game. ^o^ There are bonus stages to play, but I’ll leave those alone for now. I guess in the future, I might think about going back and playing the battles in Easy mode or maybe even Normal. Haha. ^_^;

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