Hanakimi live action ep 1

(This post is a couple of days old.)

I’ve just watched the first episode of the Hanakimi live action. *_* First impressions: gods, I love Nataku. *__*

It’s good. Good. Very good so far. *__* All the goodlooking boys!! *_* The girl who’s acting as Mizuki is cute too. *_* Personally speaking, Wu Chun, the chinese Sano, has the face I prefer, but the Japanese Sano is not so bad–I think I’d have prefered someone more cleancut (and goodlooking), as so far, his image makes me think of Nakatsu instead of Sano. But well, he seems all right so far. I can’t say I agree with his protrayal and the Sano in my mind, but I can get used to him. The one who really made an impression on me was Nataku. *_* Yes, I adore Nakatsu from the manga, and I guess I’m gonna adore the live action version as well. ^o^

Umeda sensei is all right–will have to see more before I decide. I’d kinda always imagined him to be more of a biseinen, but the actor they got for him is kinda cool so far–in a manly way. And Nanba. *_* He seems to be a pretty good fit–though a bit scrawny–and, admittedly, not as goodlooking as I’d liked. Hahaha. The guy, what’s his name? Kawajima? Kayajima? The one who can see spirits and such. He’s awesome too. *_* Hahaha. Kakkoii! (In a strange way.) He’s got such a lovely face that’s similar to TMR’s and such a nice mouth. *__*

They’re all so Japanese, so it was all good!! Muahahaha. (Yes, I didn’t dare to watch the chinese drama series because, well, I don’t know how Wu Chun’s acting is like, but I seriously have a bias against that Ella who’s acting as Mizuki. *_*)

Awesome. *_* I can’t wait for the next episode really. I watched the SARS subbing, btw, and they did an awesome job. *_* Wooo!


Fei watched this with me and kept telling me that I should watching the Chinese Hanakimi for the Nakatsu there. -_- I don’t wanna. ToT I’ll stick to my Japanese Nakatsu. *kisses him*


edit: Been spelling Nakatsu’s name as Nataku previously. *falls over* AS long as we know who I’m talking about. ^_~

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