Thanks for the hugs and everything, guys. I’m better; I just try not to think about it much. I actually managed to look at all the old pictures I’d taken of Maki and realised I never managed to get any good ones of her after her kitten years. She always slept so cutely, but the […]

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Wednesday… I had Maki put down this morning. On Monday morning, I dropped my aunty off at the vet’s to stand in line and dropped my mum off at work. Drove back to the vet and found out that we were #4, but still waiting in line. That was 8.13, and the vet was full […]

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Maki is sick

My Maki’s not feeling well. On Thursday, we came home from work to find one of the cloth-mats on the floor outside soaked with blood. But we didn’t see her at all. And she didn’t come in to have dinner. I’d feared the worst, and colleagues suggested being eaten by a python–which seems unlightly, due […]

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