Thanks for the hugs and everything, guys.

I’m better; I just try not to think about it much. I actually managed to look at all the old pictures I’d taken of Maki and realised I never managed to get any good ones of her after her kitten years. She always slept so cutely, but the moment you walked up with the camera, she’d open an eye to see what you were up to. ^_^;

Here’s a pic I took when she was about two months old, and was less alert when sleeping:

And here’s another pic of when she woke up and settled next to me:

(Her eyes had yet to change colour; they became a beautiful yellow green later.)My aunt who’d given me Maki wants to give me a kitten they have. But I told her I’ll wait a bit, and maybe adopt when her cat has kittens in the future. For now, I just want to remember Maki and miss her, as her loss isn’t something that can be so easily replaced.

Thanks again, everyone. Especially those who’d had gone through the same thing before. *HUGS*

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