Maki is sick

My Maki’s not feeling well. On Thursday, we came home from work to find one of the cloth-mats on the floor outside soaked with blood. But we didn’t see her at all. And she didn’t come in to have dinner. I’d feared the worst, and colleagues suggested being eaten by a python–which seems unlightly, due to the blood. Friday, we came home, and didn’t her either. On Saturday though, we saw new blood stains in the area where her dry food is usually left out, and after entering the area, I saw her lying down just on the left. It scared me, because she was so quiet and still and so dirty–her nose and mouth was dirty, and worse of all was her blood-stained hind legs and behind. Her vaginal area and anus seems inflammed–or well, just bloody. -_- I found her yesterday, a Saturday afternoon so the vet was close, and it’s now Sunday. She’s all right. Just very quiet. So quiet that when I call her, she doesn’t answer. But when I’m petting her, she does mew a bit.

From what I can tell on the net, it might be pyometra, which is can be a fatal uterus infection. She _had_ been in heat recently, which makes the condition pretty likly. The whole of Saturday, I just didn’t know what to do. I tried to go to bed early and couldn’t sleep till much later worrying about her. It’s now early Sunday and I’m just wanting the hours to go by quicker so that it’s Monday and we can bring Maki to the vet. I kept myself up worrying that the vet might not care enough to give Maki the proper treatment–which looks to be spaying. The vet’s been all full and we haven’t managed to make even a appointment to spay Maki since months ago. If she needs to be spayed, I don’t know if they’ll try to delay it or what not. I don’t expect any quality treatment as all I’m paying is a dollar a visit, but the government vet’s the only one we can afford. I’m trying to think positive. -_- And hope that maybe Maki’s condition isn’t pyometra.

She’s lying down quietly on her mat outside the door where I can see her. An improvement, I think from when all she did was stay outside away from everyone. Apparently, my aunty said, earlier this morning, she’d been outside my door mewing to get in. I didn’t even realise. -_-

I’m going to try and see if I can wash her lower hing legs free of all that dried blood later. I don’t really want to aggravate her, but I’ll see if I can clean it up a bit.

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