Updates on Misha

Thanks for all the comments everyone. ^_^ I didn’t get to spend long online yesterday, but I’ll update about Misha now. Here’s a pic: I took that pic on Monday after the visit to the vet. When we’d brought her home Sunday, her infected eye seemed fine, just cloudy, but the next morning, it’d swollen […]

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the new kitten…

I’m a little bit upset right now. It all happened after I went to the vet. I was at the govt vet clinic, and the vet (another man who doesn’t seem to be able to speak English without having to pause to try and figure out what he wants to say) took at look at […]

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New kitten

I’ve adopted a new kitten today. ^_^ It was by chance that Fei and I went to Faridah Cat Breeder to look at the cats they have there and Faridah mentioned two stray kittens and their mum. I adopted the bigger stray kitten and brought her back today. ^o^ It’s only been a couple of […]

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