New kitten

I’ve adopted a new kitten today. ^_^ It was by chance that Fei and I went to Faridah Cat Breeder to look at the cats they have there and Faridah mentioned two stray kittens and their mum. I adopted the bigger stray kitten and brought her back today. ^o^ It’s only been a couple of hours. She’s got a problem with one eye (it looks like a cataract of sorts), and hopefully it’s nothing serious and the vet can give us something for it. I’m gonna call her Misha. ^__^ She’s sooo cute~! Hopefully I’ve got all the fleas off her and she’d been bathed. Now I just have to make sure she eats and uses the kitty litter.

Pictures tomorrow or later. ^_^ She’s greyish with some stripes and white socks. At least she seems healthy. ^o^

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