Updates on Misha

Thanks for all the comments everyone. ^_^ I didn’t get to spend long online yesterday, but I’ll update about Misha now. Here’s a pic:


I took that pic on Monday after the visit to the vet. When we’d brought her home Sunday, her infected eye seemed fine, just cloudy, but the next morning, it’d swollen a bit and I think you can tell from the pic that it’s not open as wide as the good eye. You can see the cataract on her eye too. When you’d lifted her eyelid a bit, you could see the inside of the eyelid was red and swollen. This was what had worried me, and what with the vets’ pessimism, I’d thought the condition was going to lead to something fatal or something. Thanks to Rin, I know it’s not fatal and even if the infection does become bad to the point Misha has to have the eye taken out, she’s still going to be healthy. So I’m not upset anymore and am prepared for whatever might happen. And I’m really, really happy that Misha’s around. ^__^

It’s been a couple of days since she got the jabs and the eyedrops, but her eye’s been doing quite well, I think. There’s no discharge, and it doesn’t seem to bother her, and it’s always open as big as the good eye. But even with the eye issue, Misha isn’t bothered with it at all. She’s able to chase things, jump at things fine. She isn’t afraid of heights, and is rather active.

It’s only been a few days, but she’s learned to respond when I call her name. I’d walk into her “room” and call her, and she’d mew in response, and come towards me. (I think it’s more the fact that she’s learned that I’m a source of interactive playtime that she’s so reactive. *laughs*) She’s really playful! She’d come to be petted and keep mewing. I’ve learned that when she mews, it means she wants to play. I’ve given her a small little plush to tease her with and she loves it when I bounce it around on a string. She loves wrestling with it, and that’s the kind of rough play I prefer on a plush than my hands or feet so I’m glad I had that small plush around. And she takes delight in chasing this blue string around. If you stop because your arms are tired, she’d mew for you to play again and come rub herself around you. Or she’d lie on her side and mew. She’s so cute. ToT It’s only been a short while, but I think she’s getting attached to me now. At least I want to think that. *laughs*

But yeah, this is the kind of thing my mum doesn’t understand. She’s one of those people who don’t realise that animals can have feelings. I like to believe that all my pets have an attachment to me the way I do them. And because I spend so much time with them, I like to think that we make each other happy with our presences. How can you not come to love a little one who mews when you call their name, and who comes rushing up to greet you when you come home? It’s rather like having a child, isn’t it? I know we’re both happy to see each other. Sometimes it’s sad when I think that my mum isn’t able to foster any kind of feeling towards any of our pets. But I suppose in her own way, she cares. Just that she doesn’t expect there to be any love in return.

Oh well.

Oh. The tick problem seems to be completely solved. Well, I’m supposed to apply the tick formula the vet gave every two days, but I came home late today and Misha can’t stand the hairdryer, so I’m just going to hope the ticks are really gone and give her another dose of tick treatment during the afternoon this weekend. The first application seemed to have worked really well, and she hasn’t been dropping ticks anywhere, and there aren’t any ticks or their egg casings where she’s been sleeping. *crosses fingers*

One last pic:


I’ll try to take better pictures next time. Especially of her playing with her plush. She’s so cute. ^o^

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