Oh, and today is my first day working as a teller (again, though in a different bank). I asked for a job transfer as being a data entry clerk for three years had been more than enough. ^_^; Admittedly, I’d been thinking of leaving my current employer for quite a while now, but the salary […]

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Lochness was right, I guess the matter I’d written about a while back probably affected me the most. *grin* I had Accounting class with N and another friend Sunday night and all was perfectly fine. *_* She was right in that it probably was just a small matter and they’d forget about it. While for […]

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Oh, and here’s a postscript. A long time ago, I realised that I valued my own opinions too highly and that I was rather arrogant. It was pointed out to me, to my surprise, by someone I didn’t know very well, and back then, I’d been sorry for coming across like that. And for not […]

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Something happened tonight which I’m not very happy, or proud about. I could say it’s something that I’ve regretted doing and am slightly ashamed about. This usually happens when I’ve done or said something which has affected someone or people around me and which has cast an unpleasant opinion of me; and most importantly when […]

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