Oh, and here’s a postscript.

A long time ago, I realised that I valued my own opinions too highly and that I was rather arrogant. It was pointed out to me, to my surprise, by someone I didn’t know very well, and back then, I’d been sorry for coming across like that. And for not explaining myself well enough to have had that person think less of me. The incident mentioned in the earlier post, it’s happened again, hasn’t it?

It does hurt and is quite startling when someone is able to point out a fault in you and when you can see what they’re talking about. But I’m glad it happens. I do want to know my faults, and I really do wish to avoid hurting people who mean something to me. And most of all, because it matters, I do want the people I like to think well of me.

I want to be proud of myself as a person, and be worthy of my friends. So yeah. Gambatte! I’ve still got decades of experiences and things to learn about myself and the world around me. Let’s take it all in stride and move forward!

*bows to everyone* Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

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