Oh, and today is my first day working as a teller (again, though in a different bank). I asked for a job transfer as being a data entry clerk for three years had been more than enough. ^_^; Admittedly, I’d been thinking of leaving my current employer for quite a while now, but the salary I’d be offered at any other place would probably be considerably lower, so I’d been at a stalemate. Very recently, like last month, I’d been moved to Customer Service, but it wasn’t something I really looked forward to doing.

I’ve been told that I’m quite capable at doing whatever is given to me, but even though some bosses think quite highly of me, I’ve never been given the chance to really do anything that could benefit me career-wise. I’ve never been given the chance at making a career of my job at the bank. It’s because we’re so small, with only two branches in the country that they can’t put me anywhere, even if I should want it. It was chance that a colleague (the teller) was quitting so I asked for a transfer. At least the experience is different, and I can still feel like I’m learning something and I’m not wasting my time being stuck in the same department forever.

As a teller, I get meal allowance as my lunch hour is cut short from one and a half hour to one hour. So it’s extra money that’s more than welcome as well. ^_~

Anyways, here’s to the stressful days of not balancing at the end of the day~! Kanpai~~!

Ack. I’ve got to eat dinner and leave for my Japanese class. Ja~!

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