Lochness was right, I guess the matter I’d written about a while back probably affected me the most. *grin* I had Accounting class with N and another friend Sunday night and all was perfectly fine. *_* She was right in that it probably was just a small matter and they’d forget about it. While for me, it got blown out of proportion because of how bad I’d felt and I overreacted. *falls over*

I’m really insecure, I guess, when it comes to social relationships. That’s one area which I’ve never really had much chance to mature at all in, admittedly. And because the people I can get along with tend to be a small number, it’s hard for me to handle the thought of them disliking me. ^_^;

(And no, I didn’t go to class at all last night–Monday night. I was feeling tired, coming home late from work so I just stayed home, watched a bit of jdrama and slept.)

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