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A couple of years ago, I was in KL and I bought the Have A Nice Day cd by Bon Jovi. I was in a music store, and I was looking around, and because cds bought outside Brunei is always cheaper (especially in Malaysia or Singapore), I saw a couple of cds I thought I’d want to listen to and bought them. And I enjoyed this cd quite a bit. I do enjoy Bon Jovi, but I’ve never owned or listened to any of their albums other than the currently popular songs on MTV or Channel V. This album was upbeat, and pretty easy listening. His voice might not be something you can dreamily fall asleep listening to, but hey, it’s Bon Jovi and it adds to signature to every song the band performs. *grin*

Here‘s a random song from the cd to share with you.

Story of My Life

Yesterday’s a memory, another page of history
Sell yourself for hopes and dreams
That leaves you feeling sideways
Tripping over my own feet, trying to walk to my own beat
Another car out on the street trying to find the highway
Hey, are you going my way?

This is the story of my life
And I write it everyday
I know it isn’t black and white
And it’s anything but gray
I know that no, I’m not alright
But I’ll be OK ’cause
Anything can, everything can happen
That’s the story of my life

I’m gonna write the nelody that’s gonna make history
Yeah, and when I paint my masterpiece
I swear I’ll show you first
There just ain’t a way to see who, when, why or what will be
‘Til now is then it’s a mystery, a blessing and a curse
Or something worse, yeah

This is the story of my life
And I write it everyday
I know it isn’t black and white
And it’s anything but gray
I know that no, I’m not alright
But I’ll be OK ’cause
Anything can, everything can
I’ve been thinking
Baby, you can help me write the story of my life
Hey, whaddaya say?

This is the story of my life
And I write it everyday
And I hope you’re by my side
When I’m writing the last page

I’d spent one day ripping songs off my cds so that I could burn the mp3s for my car. I’m afraid that while I do buy original cds, you’d never see me put them in my car stereo ever. Scratches are evil. Good lords. I make copies of my Japanese cds, if I don’t rip mp3s out of them.

Btw, does anyone out there have Joey McIntyre‘s album? I’m requesting for mp3s. An NKOTB fan, I’d bought his album when he’d released it and I do like it. But it seems I’ve lost it and I’d love to listen to him again.

Just so you know, in a recent newspaper article, it’s stated that almost 100% of all cds and dvds sold in Brunei are pirated. When a music cd only costs $3.33, the effort to find the complete albums to download seems a waste of time, really. *falls over*

But really, I _did_ have the Joey McIntyre cd! Don’t make me spend $25 just to buy it again! (Assuming I can find it.) Oh, I am looking for the “Stay the Same” album. I didn’t even know he had a second one or a third or a fourth. O_o

Oh, and because I’d also ripped my Rick Price Tamborine Mountain album, here’s a song from him, called You’re Never Alone. If I recall right, Mars introduced me to this album back in my teenage years. It’s classified as country, isn’t it? I enjoy the album a lot because it’s simple, and it sounds so honest. It’s a really enjoyable album. I like it when I’m hanging out, and relaxing.

Rick Price has a voice which I don’t usually listen to, but which suits his music. Usually, I don’t go for male singers who have whiny voices (many generic pop boybands), or uber soft-spoken (usually Chinese) voices. Maybe it’s because slow songs (romantic or otherwise), aren’t usually my kind of thing, and when it comes to most Chinese music (I guess it’s why it’s called Chinese pop), a lot of songs sung by male singers or groups are exactly that. The few soft-spoken people I’d decided to like listening to are Jeff Chang and Panda Lee (both Chinese pop) and Kangta who’s Kpop, because you _have_ to like at least someone in the same genre to be able to say, I have them and they’re more than enough, so I don’t need anymore, thank you very much. *grin* When it comes to the soft-spoken genre, these three men satisfy me enough. If it’s boybands, I’ve already got Take That and Backstreet Boys’ old stuff. And even Boyzone. That reminds me. Does anyone have any of Boyzone’s albums? I’m looking for their Said and Done, and A Different Beat cds especially. My sister took all the Boyzone cds with her and I had a nostalgic craving for their stuff recently. -_- Hey Da, if you’re reading this, can you rip them into mp3s for me? ToT Or anyone really. T_T

I’d just realised and had gone to look for my The Tony Rich Project Word cd and I can’t find it. *_* OMG. This is another of my favourites and a must have. I seriously will cry if I cannot find it. This is a cd I will replace if I seriously have lost it. -_- I don’t even have any mp3s of it! I’m seriously upset by this. -_-

Erm…if anyone has what I’m looking for and wanna share them with me, let me know? I’ll give you the details upload to. m(__)m

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