Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last week, or was it a couple of weeks ago, I’d baked chocolate chip cookies, following this recipe. I’m a fan of soft cookies (Famous Amos ones are the only ones I’ve eaten). I don’t really like hard and crispy things, do I don’t eat cookies much. I don’t like cookies like oreos much either cos I’m just not a cookie person, I guess. My oven might have messed things up a bit, because I had to bake the cookies for longer than the time stated and well, I still don’t know if they’d baked enough because they didn’t turn very brown. But they were awesomely chewy! *_* Though I found them to be _very_ sweet. ToT You _have_ to eat them with a glass of cold milk, and I found I could only eat one at a time cos of the sugar. *_* But on the whole, I rate my attempt as successful. ^o^


Oh, and the 1 tsp salt might be a bit much; my cookies were a bit salty in places. ^_^ Next time, I’ll be baking these with a lot less sugar and less salt.

Cookie dough seemed a bit too wet though. O_o I don’t think it’s supposed to be this soft. It didn’t retain the shape of a ball at all so maybe my egg had been too much? No idea. *_* But it all turned out well, so I guess I shouldn’t be concerned?


P/S: I turned hotlinking off, and am crossposting this from my blog. Can you see the pictures fine on your friends pages?

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