Ginger Snaps

Anyone out there with any experience in cookie dough? I would like to know just how sticky, or dry cookie dough is supposed to be? Today I made ginger snaps following this recipe, and my dough seemed oily, though I could form balls with them quite well and they retained their shapes.

My sugar-coated cookie balls ready to be put in the oven:

From the pic in the blog I was following, their cookie balls look really nice and dry… -_- And I forgot they were supposed to be chewy and baked them for twice as long as the time stated. Because my cookies didn’t turn brown like in the picture on that blog, so I’d baked them longer. -_- Now I wish I hadn’t cos they’re really crispy now. *laughs*


But really, my cookies aren’t as brown as I thought they should be. -_- Maybe it’s because I didn’t have any molasses?

Stupidly, I’d misread 1/2 tsp for the cloves and added a tsp and well, my cookies aren’t that gingery, but are quite clovey… *falls over* I don’t mind them though as I’ve learned to like the taste of spices through chai, but my brother dislikes my cookies. *laughs*

Cookie attempt: okay. Will add less cloves and more ginger next time. Will not let cookies bake for so long next time.

And these cookies were great because they weren’t sweet. But I followed the full recipe and made too much, so I don’t know how I’ll be finishing them. *laughs*

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