So today, I didn’t have to make any lunch cos my mum made some pasta in clear soup with meatballs and egg. I spent the whole morning look at some baking blogs I’d discovered yesterday. Just to share: A Daily Obsession: A wonderful and colourful blog with the prettiest pictures of what seems like the […]

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Oh. O_O Er… Here’s a recipe complete with pics of how to make the perfect omelete. *laughs* I was almost there with my second attempt, only I didn’t add any oil, so maybe that’s why it got so brown on the bottom? ^_^; But yeah, I know how to make the perfect omelet now, […]

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Today’s the 3rd day of my leave. Actually, my leave began last Friday, but it only felt like it really began on Monday. Heh heh. My appetite’s been pretty bad since I stopped going to work. I get hungry, yeah, but there’s no mood or inclination to eat anything. The thought of cooking instant noodles […]

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