Potato Soup!

So for lunch today, I already had bread, and I needed something to go with it. I looked up soups which weren’t complicated, and came across “Grandma’s Cream of Potato Soup or Broccoli Soup” on recipezaar.

I didn’t have some of the items, but I didn’t really want them in the soup anyways, so I left them out. If you look at the recipe, a lot of items are highlighted, and if you click on them, you can find additional info on them, and more importantly, for stuff like the heavy cream, you can find substitution information, and for the chicken broth, how to make it along with how much is actually a can that the recipe calls for. They don’t sell that brand of broth where I come from–heck, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as canned broth. *_* All of our stock is in cubes or granules.

I only made half the recipe and it’s more than enough for 3-4 people, I’d think. I left out all the meat bits, and used a couple of Knorr’s chicken cubes in 2 cups of boiling water for my broth. I forgot to look up just how big a medium-sized potato is, but by the time I had my 3 potatoes sliced up in cubes, the broth just about covered them in the pot. I used only a carrot, a whole onion, and just one stalk of celery cos I dislike the taste of celery. After the cooking, I got my potage~!


I also left out the corn starch bit as I don’t like sticky soups. Creamy yes, but not sticky. *_* Oh, and don’t put in the cheese if you like the soup as it is. As the cheese flavour might be a bit much and end up making the soup too cheesy. ^_^

And actually, I didn’t really want to eat the small bits in the potage, so I used my hand blender on half of the soup and pureed it. It was overkill though! Cos the soup became so thick, it was like a dip! *laughs*

My bread and dip looking all nice and yellow (cos the dip’s all dried out now *laughs*):


You know how I said my bread tasted good last night? I was wrong! It tastes bad! It was good last night cos it was all nice and warm from the oven. This afternoon, you realise it really was left to proof too long and it tastes bad! *sobs* But here’s a darn picture anyway cos it looks pretty good and it’s a better pic than last night’s:

Oh, and a hint, if you want your soup creamier, but don’t want to add in the extra cream or milk, just puree a bit of the soup and mix the puree back in. ^_~ Instant thickness.

I love potatoes. And I love it when they’re all soft and mushy, especially in clear soups. So I did enjoy this recipe quite a bit, and I was quite surprised that it was so easy to cook. I’d have liked not to use any of that cubed chicken stock stuff, but having to make your own is a bit troublesome. *laughs* (In case you’ve not noticed, I’ve not touched anything meaty in all of my cooking forays. *laughs*) If I do make this again, I’ll add some brocolli or cauliflower in to add some more fibre in it.

Verdict on the soup:


I’m thinking of baking chocolate chip cookies next as I do have a bit of time before my Japanese class at 7 tonight. Question is, do I really want to eat them? I’ve just realised I only ate a couple pieces of my brownie after it was baked and that was it. And we still have a bit of it in the fridge. I don’t really snack much as I don’t often have the inspiration or urge to. That’s why, like my mum, I guess, we usually make stuff like cakes and things for sharing with other people instead of for ourselves really.


You know, how long does celery take to cook before it gets soft? *laughs* Will it _ever_ get soft? I fried the celery for quite a while and gave up when my onions were looking brown around the edges and the celery still hadn’t softened like the carrots had.

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