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Looking at people’s great pictures, it was so easy to want a dslr so that I could take pictures that look as good. But I never went ahead with the big buy cos it’s expensive, and it competes with getting a new pc or a new phone. And these days, ever since I upgraded to AVG 8, my pc has been telling me it needs an upgrade. I managed to hold off buying a new one for a year now, and now that my brother has a job and we can split the cost of a new pc, I think getting a new computer is more ideal.

And I also knew that unless I was really serious about picture-taking, the dslr would just be an expensive toy with which I can take slightly better looking pictures with little to no effort. So I’d always decided that I’d learn how to take pictures properly first before I buy the right equipment after my so-called skills (or knowledge) had developed. But Mars getting her Nikon D40x really made me want one. To curb or perhaps pushstart the motivation to learn some photography techniques, I went and bought a digital photo magazine earlier in the year (back in January); plonking down $20 for it (it came with a cd of video instructions and etc of some Photoshop techniques) as a commitment–my first step in learning some serious photography. The magazine sat for months till earlier this week. I’d bought it mainly for the budget dslr reviews (which I knew I could get online, but hey, I did say the $20 was an investment) and to see what went on in these magazines. It’d helped that Syam had been spending his money on Photoshop magazines and he’d been having a lot of fun learning Photoshop. It’s funny how I thought the photo magazine would be about photo-taking technique, but mostly, it was about Photoshop techniques. Anyways, there were a couple of things I was able to take note of. Long exposure, what it means and what shutter and aperture speeds all about.

Gah. Don’t look at me funny and tell me I know I can find all this out online! *sobs* Having things in your hand, on pages which you can physically flip is a better motivator for me. I don’t know about most people, but I’m the type who studies with physical notes in front of me, notes which I can flip through and scribble on.

So anyways! ToT I decided to finally try out this aperture changing and shutter speed thingy on my camera’s M (for manual) mode! I own a Canon PowerShot A620 (the latest model is the A650 IS, not the A720 IS model). I’ve always gone for this line because of the fact that they had a manual mode and a really close macro mode–important for when you want to take closeup of bugs! *laughs*–and they were less expensive than the PowerShot S or G lines. I find macro so important, I’m unable to change phone models because the ones I find I’m interested in don’t have the macro function with their cameras. Yes, I do take pictures of a lot of small things, and I do like my sharp pictures. -_-

I couldn’t find any birds or interesting things that I could take pictures of around my house, but here’s a few pics anyway. (No, you’re not required to think they’re any good or believe that I feel accomplished with these pics. *grin*)


I like this next one because the colours came out decent without any enchancement, and I decided to just crop it:
I think the pic would have looked better if I could have put the flower in focus more.


While I played around with the aperture and shutter, and ISO modes, I left macro on because there was no way I could get the pictures sharp otherwise. And well…erm…you know. I should have taken the pics in manual mode to compare with, cos I don’t know if there would have been a difference. *laughs*

I only started using manual mode on Thursday, and I think I’ll try to take all my pics with manual mode from now on. Who knows, it might just grow on me and I can start pretending I know what I’m doing. Heh. So yeah, we’ll learn how to use our lil camera properly first and then move on to the big guns eventually.

If anyone has any photography tips&tricks sites, feel free to share.


Darn, I upgraded to the latest wordpress and my LJ-crossposting plug-in don’t work no more. -_-

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