Okay, so today I didn’t do any lunch for myself. I woke up late (10.30 or so) and didn’t feel so hot so I didn’t want to do anything. I did have some nasi katok, which I will one day talk about. And to top it off, some of my brownies with vanilla ice cream. I wish we had good vanilla ice cream here. -_-

Anyways, I went to look at webhosts quite a bit because resellerzoom whom I’ve been with for quite a while hasn’t been that satisfying for a long time now. I’d been ready to ignore everything because I didn’t spend as much time online with my sites as I’d used to. But using wordpress these days and waiting for it to load is getting ridiculous. There are no problems with ftp, but I don’t like this now.

So I was looking around, and I came across lunarpages and I really like them a lot. They’ve been around a long time, and customer testimonials seem to be pretty satisfying. Problem is, I need a reseller plan, and theirs really sucks because I am unable to create accounts of sizes I want, and I will have to buy a package per domain. O_o Which would add my bill up to more than $50 or so. O_o Currently, I’m paying $6.95 a month at resellerzoom. I don’t mind a bill up to $10 as I’m hosting other people, and they can pay me more. Heh. Most older companies, I’ve noticed have bumped up the cost of their reseller hosting plans. -_-

Hey Mars, do you really pay $25 a month with your current host? O_o

Anyone have any recommendations? Shared hosting, or reseller hosting? Anything as long as they’re reliable and you’ve not had any issues for more than a year (or two) with them.


Did I ever show this pic of a chicken sitting on my car?

It’s one of our hens. At one point, it’d taken to sitting next to the windscreens of our cars. It laid an egg a day on my brother’s car. Hahaha. In this pic, I’d actually driven out of the garage, in hopes it’d fly off, but it just stared at me rather malevolently. *_* I wish I had taken closeups of its eye staring at me through the glass. I was actually afraid to shoo it off, in case it flew at me. T_T I got my aunty to come out and shoo it off. *laughs*


It’s officially been a year since I last updated the AR site. Am I sad? Yeah. I want a lot of time to work on it. And eventually, I want a whole new layout that’s clean, and modern, and easy to change.

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