Cheddar Scones

I’ve never eaten scones before, and my first were ones made by a colleague. And they were hard as rock. T_T So you can guess that I wondered just what the hype about them was all about. I think if you wiki it, you’ll probably find out that there were different types of scones out there, and I’m pretty sure none of them are supposed to be rock hard. My mum had borrowed a recipe book of quick breads from her friend and scones and muffins were covered in the book. I took a look at the scone pictures and just knew I had to try them out, just so I could say that I’ve eaten scones before. *grin*

So with the buttermilk bought, I tried a "cheddar cheese and onion scone" recipe. I didn’t think I wanted to bother with the onion. When I’d been chopping onions for my risotto, I’d had tears flowing down my face in classic anime form. So I thought I should avoid onions for now. I followed the instructions in the book and though that scones must be one of the easiest things to make. *laughs*

Here they are, before baking:

And after baking:

The scones were very plain, despite the cheddar and I couldn’t taste the cheese at all. But they were so lovely and crispy and really wonderful when eaten with butter. But like all crispy things, they softened once out of the oven for a bit. -_- That had been quite disappointing. But they make for a really lovely breakfast the next morning, heavily buttered with a runny egg to dip into.

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