Cold Noodle Salad

Now and then in the office, I tend to wish for some pasta (that’s affordable) and for some fresh green salad (that’s also affordable). You can’t find either in the area, unless you drive out, but even if you do drive out, it wouldn’t be affordable. So it was a delight when I came across this Asian noodle salad recipe at For The Love of Cooking . A lot of dressings, I’ve found are a bit complicated with the use of spices that we don’t have at home, but this recipe was perfect.

I used sushi rice vinegar, seasoned sesame oil and omitted the soy sauce, and it was so good. For the vegetables, I couldn’t find green pepper and only managed to buy an (expensive) red pepper. I added shredded carrot, asparagus, pea sprouts (which tasted a bit too fresh), mushrooms, and some kidney beans as I love the taste and wanted some protein in.

As you can see, this is a colourful and really tasty salad, and best eaten cold. I couldn’t help going, "It’s sooo good!" the first few bites. *laughs*

I actually made enough for a large family. *laughs* Had to bring the rest to work with me the next day and get people to help me finish it. I’d added the dressing the day before, so the next day, the noodles were a bit soggy and the dressing not as tart, but it was still delicious. Next time though, I will not add so much red pepper in the salad. I wasn’t aware that it could spice up the dish and I didn’t eat the slices at all. ^_^;

Those at the office didn’t get to eat this, but my real meal had been the pasta with some crispy fish:

I’d fried the fish for Red as I didn’t think the plain pasta salad would appeal to him. But he didn’t even stay for lunch. *makes a face* Which was just as well, since I oversalted the fish so they were too salty. But the crispiness went wonderfully with the salad. ^_^

This marks my first foray in dealing with frying meat in my cooking. *grin* Fish takes quite a while to cook, doesn’t it? -_- Or maybe it’s my inexperience and too low a heat.

Notice the larger pictures? I’ve finally taken to using a larger screen resolution on my monitor now and everything looks so small. -_- So I was trying to see if I liked my pictures this big. I find the pictures just a bit too big, but this was the neatest dimension photoshop gives me without the need the crop my pictures, 600×450. I might stick to 400×300 again because the pictures now seem too large. *laughs* But I’m rather proud of this yummy salad. ^_^

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