Cream Puffs

I have a dislike for the cream puffs sold in bakeries here, because what they sell are soft lil balls of baked flour with custard filling. They’ve always been unappealing to me, in looks and shape (though in general, they usually taste fine). An aunt of mine had also spoiled me on cream puffs, I suppose. When I was ten or so, before I knew what cream puffs were, my aunt baked them, and they were these lovely brown shells. We ate them with a perfect scoop of icecream in each of those brown shells. Then I tried to baked my own and they were exact replicas of the types sold in the bakeries. To me, my own cream puffs were failures, so you can guess that I don’t buy or eat cream puffs in Brunei because I consider them failures as well. And I confirmed this belief when I discovered Beard Papa’s when I was in Singapore many years ago. They aren’t very brown, but they sure were lovely and big. And biting through the crust into that yummy custard… *heavenly sigh*

I’ve always wanted to bake my own perfect cream puffs, so when I was looking at baking blogs, I came across a recipe mentioning Beard Papa. I’d tried it but was disappointed. I don’t know if I didn’t bake them long enough, but the cream puffs softened once out of the oven to be like the "failure" type sold in bakeries, though they were a lot bigger. I was disappointed enough not to try the recipe again, and then I came across this other one at bakingmum . Hers looked quite right, so I tried them.

Mine didn’t turn out as pretty, and next time, I think I’ll bake them slightly longer to get them more brown. But I was quite pleased with the result out of the oven. They were so lovely and crispy and hollow inside. My mum enjoys the soft "failure" cream puffs so she didn’t like this at all. But I did.

Before the baking:

I improved the shape quite a bit after that first one. *laughs*

And here’s the end result:

We ate them with custard filling and with dark chocolate dribbled all over. Yum.

The crust doesn’t remain crunch after an hour out in the open (or in a container). -_- Which was quite disappointing. I’ll definitely put them in an airtight container and store them in the fridge as soon as they’ve cooled down in the future.

But overall, I was very happy with the result. ^_^


Here ‘s an alternate cream puff recipe which is somewhat simpler and the picture is even more gorgeous. ToT

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