Eggs, the poaching and frying off

So I don’t really know what a poached egg is, nor have I eaten, or know what eggs benedict are. I found out on Hungry Hamster ‘s blog though. And through her post, I found out how to poach the perfect eggs . *grin*
Though in truth, I wasn’t interested in having my eggs taste a bit of vinegar, so I was more interested in the "How to Scramble Eggs Perfectly " video and the "How to Make Eggs Over Easy ".

From watching my mum and my aunty frying eggs in the kitchen, I know they tend to use a lot of oil and they also tend to go through quite a bit of trouble cooking us our perfectly runny eggs (eggs over easy). Even now, after buying a non-stick frying pan, they still use quite a bit of oil. So I was really delighted to see a video teaching me how to fry my own perfect eggs without too much oil. The egg breakfast in the previous post was done after learning from the video. I didn’t bother taking pictures though. My egg didn’t turn out as lovely as the video’s. But they were good enough for me. *grin* And I _was_ able to flip my egg over just like the video! Which in itself was quite a feat. *laughs* (Admittedly, I did the flipping over the sink, just in case. *grin*)

Over time, with more practice, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to perfect the technique. ^_^

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