Orange Buttercake

I had begun baking cakes when I was young. My mum baked a lot, so it was natural, that like cross-stitch and crochet, I began to learn and bake was well. I failed once, and after a while, I didn’t really bake as much as my younger sister had. But when I was 12 or so (maybe younger), I came across a recipe for orange butter cake which never failed (even if the baking time was always twice as long). My family and feiying loved it a lot. When feiying slept over, we’d bake the cake. But after my moves in and out of rooms over the years, I lost the recipe and had not had orange cake for a long time. Since I’d been baking and cooking recently, I decided to look for a recipe that could replace the one I’d lost. And I found it. ^_^

I used chanlilian’s butter cake recipe and just added the orange juice and rind at the end (minus a spoon or two of milk). Oh, and if you don’t like the smell of artificial vanilla, cut down on the vanilla essence.

It turned out delicious. It’s a really fast cake to make (though the baking takes a while) and butter cake never fails no matter in what form, so I doubt you can mess this up. Just be aware that it tends to rise to double the batter’s height, so use a large enough tin. ^_^ It’s a really moist cake and terribly addictive. You can keep putting pieces into your mouth without realising it.

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