Risotto: a first attempt

I had a couple of days off from work and decided to make some risotto for lunch. I’d been inspired by Jamie Oliver’s risotto recipes and those delicious pictures. So I jotted down the basic idea of it and went to cook my own. Before this, I have never even seen or heard of risotto before. *laughs*

I used calrose rice because they don’t sell arborio rice here. And I though that since calrose (sushi rice) is medium grain as well, it’d do. I know they say not to wash the rice, but not washing rice just seems so…wrong. So I did wash the rice and later wish I hadn’t. *laughs*

I made a fish and asparagus risotto and after a long time, I came up with something which could pass as creamy.

You can probably see that it was more sitcky like pudding than a lovely fluid creamy texture. *sigh* I just didn’t have the patience to wait anymore; it took me over an hour just to get this. And I used too much chicken stock so it ended up way too salty. *sobs* But Red and I managed to finish our bowls after squeezing some lemon over it. My mum didn’t want to try it at all because it looked like congealed porridge by the time she got home to look at my hard work. *laughs*

I think my attempt can be considered a failure. I will probably try again (and this time not wash the rice). But I think that making sushi rolls will take a lot less effort and you can probably guess which one I’d prefer doing more.

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