Tonight’s dinner

Tonight’s side dishes to go with our rice: Green curry made from a green curry flavour pack my mum had bought from KL. The taste isn’t that much different from the usual curry we have. I think it might be because we use a good amount of fresh santan (coconut milk) in both curries, and […]

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Expensive groceries

Argh. I spent quite a bit on groceries yesterday; I should say I’d spent the money on luxurious groceries. I finally went to Guan Hock Lee, which is a distributor for most, if not all, of the Japanese ingredients and food products sold in Brunei. And the items are not cheap. Here’s my stash: Mirin-something, […]

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Bento 01: Lentil patties with onion and green pepper confit

I’d never come across the word confit before until I saw justbento’s sweet pepper and onion confit . Wiki says, "Confit (French) is a generic term for various kinds of food that have been immersed in a substance for both flavor and preservation ". And now that I know the word, I can use it. […]

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Inspired by bento

I’ve been inspired to make my own bento (that’s lunchboxes, for some of you) to bring to work. I’d come across kitchencow , and then cookingcute and finally justbento , and all three of them really made me want to get up and start making my own lunch. It helps that I’d recently just bought […]

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Spaghetti Carbonara

Okay, so when Jade talked about pasta, I had an urge to eat it and went to look for recipes. Of course, I had to make my pasta before I realised she’d posted some really simple and quick recipes to try. *falls over* I’d gone to recipezaar and found a few simple carbonara recipes that […]

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Maggi Mee (aka, instant noodles/ramen)

Today, I woke up really late as I’d only gone to bed at around 4am the night before. I had started reading Sharon Shinn’s Archangel again, and because I didn’t feel sleepy, I kept reading till the book was finished. I was pretty dismayed when I realised what time it was as I’d meant to […]

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Sushi for lunch!

It was my first time measuring out rice and water completely on my own and thank goodness the rice wasn’t too soft. ^_^; While it was cooling, I went and fried my crispy fish fingers (a new ingredient I wanted to try with sushi rice) and boiled my crabsticks. I left out the carrots and […]

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