Maggi Mee (aka, instant noodles/ramen)

Today, I woke up really late as I’d only gone to bed at around 4am the night before. I had started reading Sharon Shinn’s Archangel again, and because I didn’t feel sleepy, I kept reading till the book was finished. I was pretty dismayed when I realised what time it was as I’d meant to do some errands today, but I slept till I was satisfied and woke up close to noon. I was too lazy to cook something, and there was quite a bit of sushi leftover from yesterday’s lunch, which was very disappointing, but I don’t feel like the leftovers, so I put aside the thought of lunch till I was really hungry a few hours later.

In the end, I cooked my favourite maggi mee:

Usually, I don’t add things to my maggi, but I’ve taken a liking to adding a fresh tomato and some spinach. I usually add the chopped tomato with the flavouring after the water has boiled and wait till my tomatoes have softened. Quite a bit of water would have boiled away, and then, when satisfied with how soft my tomatoes are, I add my noodles. Then, when noodles are done, add in an egg and quickly beat it up in the pot (unless you like it whole, which I don’t in noodles). Then add your spinach, stir around a bit to cook the spinach, and pour it all in a bowl. There isn’t a lot of soup as sometimes, I don’t like soup and prefer more of a sauce instead.

Here’s two of my favourite flavours:

In Malay, they just mean Chicken flavour and Curry flavour. My other favourite flavour is Asam Laksa, which is spicy and sour (and I wouldn’t need to add a tomato).

I love my Maggi mee so it’s quite strange that I really dislike the msg taste of any other Maggi seasoning, be it the soy sauce, seasoning, the oyster sauce or the chicken stock. Maybe I associate the taste with instant noodles, so when I taste the artificialness of Maggi in other properly cooked foods, it just tastes wrong. Probably. ^_^;

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