Cupcakes for Fei!

Cupcakes for you, Fei~! ^o^ Congrats on your freelance assignments!! ^o^ Sorry it took so long to reply to that email of yours. I’d been meaning to do something like this to congratulate you, and I finally managed to do so last night. ^_~ . As a note: Cupcakes aren’t my type of thing, but […]

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Potato Scones

So here was another attempt at making scones, and I’m almost inclined to think that the recipe book of my mum’s friend is a bit unreliable. -_- I’ve tried three recipes so far, and I think the most successful had been my first scones. But I’d tried an apple and ginger muffin and the batter […]

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As I’d mentioned, I made some pizza sauce for pizza. I followed this recipe from recipezaar . I used Hunt’s tomato paste, which was already pre-spiced with oregano, basil and garlic, so for the pizza sauce, it was basically, making it less thick with some added water, and oil. And then the salt and sugar […]

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Suppli Al Telefono, or fried rice balls

When I first saw pictures of Suppli Al Telefono on Terri’s blog , I just knew I had to try them. Rice and cheese and fried in breadcrumbs, three of my favourite food things combined. I finally tried them today and well, I learned quite a few things. For one thing, you should fry these […]

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Grissini (breadsticks) and tomato lentil dip

I love the herbed bread that’s served with the pasta at Capers and I wanted to look for a recipe for them. I have no idea what they’re called so I went searching for bread stick recipes instead. I came across one at Wild Yeast and it looked so good I just had to try […]

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