Sushi for lunch!

It was my first time measuring out rice and water completely on my own and thank goodness the rice wasn’t too soft. ^_^; While it was cooling, I went and fried my crispy fish fingers (a new ingredient I wanted to try with sushi rice) and boiled my crabsticks. I left out the carrots and cucumbers cos by the time I was done with the fish, I just didn’t want to spend anymore time chopping things up. My rice was also too cool by then. ^_^;

And I also tried to make that egg roll thing. I knew the basics of how to do it from Fei’s recipe book. I didn’t have an egg pan, so I just used my small frying pan. I was rather pleased with the result:

I don’t recall what this egg roll on rice thingy is called, as I never order it. I don’t like it because it is usually sweet egg. And now that I’ve made my own non-sweet version, I can safely say I just don’t like my egg cooked this way. It’s fine in rolled makis, but out on a nigiri like this, I dislike the smoothness of the egg against the rice. I’m never making this again. Not for myself anyway. But hey, at least I can do it and it does look rather decent–if a bit on the small side.

They usually use crispy chicken to roll in makis, but I don’t really know if I wanted to try to debone a chicken (or if I knew how to figure out how) so I used some fish:

It’s not that bad, but the fish was rather bland. And it didn’t go together very well with the rice like this. I think next time, I’m better off eating crispy fish with plain rice, rather than a fancy-smancy-looking nigiri.

And my last new attempt was reverse roll makis. And I can tell you I’m never doing them again. I didn’t have anything to roll outside the rice, so it was all sticky. Trying to cut them was a pain as well. *_* Definitely not worth the trouble. And since I only had fish and crabstick, I made individual small rolls with them:

The normal rolled maki you see in the first picture is for my mum. The egg roll looks pretty nice and thick with the crabstick, if a bit too plain.

How do you guys like your sushi rice? My mum and I like it really sour. So we usually add a lot of sushi rice vinegar to our rice. But when we make them for parties or other people, we usually tone it down. I didn’t use as much sushi vinegar this time, and I found that I really wanted the sour taste to season the blandness in the egg and fish. (No, I don’t eat my sushi with soy sauce or wasabi. I just can’t appreciate soy sauce.) So I learned a few things today, which was nice. ^_^

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