Tonight’s dinner

Tonight’s side dishes to go with our rice:

Green curry made from a green curry flavour pack my mum had bought from KL. The taste isn’t that much different from the usual curry we have. I think it might be because we use a good amount of fresh santan (coconut milk) in both curries, and the santan just seems stronger mixed with curry. I _love_ curry with santan . *o* It’s not healthy, I know, but we don’t eat stuff like this much often. I also like vegan curry, as long as it’s strong in both santan and curry flavour.

Tauge (bean sprouts) fried with small pieces of salted fish. I dislike salted fish, but I love tauge fried like this. I don’t eat the fish. ^_^; The chili slices don’t add anything to the flavour, unless you eat them, I guess.


Nah. I didn’t cook any of this. ^_~ My aunty had. I just ate. *laughs* This is why I don’t ever have to bother with cooking dinner at my place. ^_^

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