Bento 05: Meatballs, brocolli and ladies fingers

Brocolli, some tofu+chicken meatballs.
Brocolli, ladies fingers (
Brown rice, half topped with
gomashio (salt & sesame seeds).

I didn’t like this bento at all. I’ve discovered that I like my okazu with sauces. Boiled vegetables are great, as long as I have something to dip them into to flavour them. All my past bentos had something to flavour my meat and veggies with; the lack of any sauce made this meal quite unappetizing for me. Even the flavoured meatballs were slightly off without something over them. We can expect confit (with a lot of sauce) to be part of all my rice bentos in the future.

This bento was actually too much food. My mum had prepared the okazu for me and it was obvious that she’d made too much. There were five meatballs and a mini meat patty in that one small container, plus some extra brocolli. I used my smaller bottom tier for the veggies. I brought them all, in case I was hungry in the afternoon and needed something to snack on, but in the end, all I had was half of everything.

I put my brown rice in the larger tier of my bento this time, and it’s one bowl of rice perfectly. Since I got hungry faster the first two rice bentos, I thought to see if eating more rice and less okazu would change things. The gomashio was an interesting addition and added flavour to the otherwise bland bento, but as expected, the sesame taste was quite obvious (I dislike sesame). I’ll have it now and then, but not all the time.

A pity really. Except for the lack of sauce, this bento was everything I’d have enjoyed.

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