Bento 14: Rice in miso soup

Rice in miso soup with wakame and ladies finger.

I didn’t know what to make for lunch actually, as there was a lack of ingredients and inspiration the night before. I’d planned to fry chicken, and whatnot in the morning, but couldn’t get myself to wake up early. While showering, I remembered Kan-san saying that he loved rice in miso soup. And since I’ve been able to make delicious miso soup so easily (look at the previous post) , I quickly put together the things I’d need for lunch and went to the office happy. ^_^

I’ve always wanted to try ochazuke after seeing’s ochazuke bento , but I wasn’t so sure I’d like the taste of the tea. In general, I dislike teas. And I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy instant ochazuke packets from Japan (they’d be expensive). So the idea of rice in miso instead is a lot more appealing.

This was what made up my meal:

Marukome miso-dashi paste, steamed ladies fingers.
Dried wakame, frozen brown rice (which had been thawed in the fridge at work).

The rice was microwaved hot; hot water was poured on the wakame to rehydrate it; a tablespoon or so of miso was added to a bowl of boiling hot water for the soup. After the miso soup is salty enough, the rice, wakame (minus the water it was soaked in) and ladies finger were put in to the soup. (The bowl I’d used is around 650ml, but it was only 3/4 full.) And there you have it: A quick and delicious meal!

This is something I wouldn’t mind having once every week. ^_^ And it’s definitely the one meal you can easily bring for lunch if you have frozen rice in the freezer and don’t have the time to prepare anything else.

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