Bento 15: Chicken Teriyaki with broccoli

Steamed broccoli, chicken teriyaki thigh, white rice.

The chicken looks awesome, but by the time lunch time came, it was dried up, cold and hard and didn’t look that appetising. O_o I guess I should have warmed it up. We’d let the chicken marinate in Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade for a few days because it was marinated before I’d meant to use it and the chicken became _so_ salty. *_* The sauce was perfectly fine, but the chicken wasn’t. *falls over* Luckily, it was only one piece of chicken thigh, so it wasn’t a lot of meat. The meat is quite thin, and sat on top of asparagus and a couple of small branches of broccoli.

My calrose rice was seasoned with sushi vinegar. Yum. Overall, the meal was quite satisfying, despite the chicken. I’ll definitely forgo the marinating next time.

My teriyaki sauce is just a sweet brown sauce actually. It’s mirin and light soy sauce in equal parts, and some sugar if I wanted it thicker and sweeter. ^_^ I’ve been adding sugar in my food through this sauce. Not sure if it’s a good idea, but my usual confit’s got a bit of cornstarch and sugar from tomato sauce as well so I guess I’m all right as long as it’s not more than a tablespoon each time.

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