Bento 16: Tomato Beans and Egg in a Basket

Steamed broccoli, tomato beans with lightly toasted bread on top.

Egg in a basket (also called Chicken in a Basket.

The first time I heard about this "chicken in a basket" was from Terri’s blog and she has instructions on how to make your own . An alternate egg in a basket recipe can be found here . It’s just an egg fried in the middle of a piece of bread. I didn’t follow her instructions per se, but it was easy enough to understand how this food is created.

Here’s what I told my mum to do: Get a slice of bread and cut a round in the middle of it. Feel free to use a pastry cutter. Lightly grease a small non-stick pan (or don’t bother, if you don’t want to), and place the bread on top. I didn’t butter my bread, but you can, and forgo the pan greasing. If you like your egg yolks runny, and your bread brown, toast your bread on the frying pan a bit (on both sides). If you know how fast your perfect runny egg cooks, then you can toast your bread beforehand according to how dark it’ll end up when your egg is cooked. When you’re happy with your bread, crack an egg in the middle of the bread. When one side of the egg is cooked, flip the bread over and let it cook on the other side. When done, you’ll have your egg in a basket. ^_^

I didn’t bother with seasoning as I’ve never eaten fried egg with salt and/or pepper. We usually eat our runny eggs with soy sauce or tomato sauce according to what accompanies them. This bento had tomato beans which was heaped on top of the egg in a basket. Eaten together, it was very good; kinda like eating baked beans with a runny egg and bread. I brought two slices of toast (no eggs in them) as extra carb, in case I didn’t want to eat so many beans. But I almost finished all the beans and left one piece of bread untouched.

My mum, who made the egg in a basket following my verbal instructions the night before, didn’t see the point of it. I could have easily got her to fry an egg and toast the bread separately. And it’s true. *laughs* But it _is_ easier to bring a fried egg like this in a bento. And you can shift the bread and carry it around and the yolk has no danger of being broken. ^_~

My tomato beans is similar to the tomato sauce in the Tomato and Macarani bento. I used diced tomatoes, diced onions, a dash of tomato sauce, a bit of sugar and cooked kidney beans to make it. I wanted to use chickpeas, actually, but the canned chickpeas had turned bad in the fridge, so I used dried kidney beans instead. It took ages to cook the beans soft the way I like them. -_- I had some hummus left over from dinner (which was more like a snack) and I added a spoon of it to the mix. The hummus changed the colour of the whole thing to a milky orange, but it didn’t really add that much to the taste. Initially, the kidney beans tasted quite separate from the tomato mix, but letting it sit overnight in the fridge worked wonders to make the tastes blend in. The tomato beans don’t look that appetising despite how delicious it tastes (my colleagues can testify to the unappetising bit), so I used the picture with the cut-out piece of bread on it. *grin*

Overall, this was a very successful bento meal. I’ve noticed that I don’t actually have anything to dislike about my bentos if they’ve not got meat in them. ^_^;

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