Instant miso soup realised!

The Marukome miso paste e already has dashi stock added to it, so it’s pretty complete in flavour by itself. All I did was add half a tablespoon of paste to hot water in a small bowl and I had miso soup! ^_^ The soup could do with straining for those who don’t like the small bits of soy bean in the paste, but other than that, it tasted pretty good as it was.

My mum doesn’t like the taste though, so I’ll have to finish that big pack of miso paste by myself. I’ll be sharing it out with a couple of colleagues, and the paste will be a constant in the fridge at work for when I feel like having a bit of miso soup.

Anyways, instant miso soup has been realised without having to resort to buying expensive instant miso soup packages! ^o^


Miso care-packages for Nuran and U: Small containers of Marukome miso-dashi paste , and containers of dried wakame.

The wakame packet amuses me because it roughly reads "Chockfull of MINERALS! (So it’s) very HEALTHY!" Hahaha. I love wakame in miso soup, so I’m happy eating it, minerals or not. *grin*

I’m wondering about the way I cook it though. Because of how instant everything has to be, I usually rehydrate the wakame in boiling hot water; I am unable to cook it otherwise. And as far as I can tell, wakame isn’t as dangerous as hijiki eaten straight out of the same water you rehydrate it in, since they don’t mention anything about arsenic or whatnot. If anyone knows otherwise, let me know. ^_^;

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