Don’t scoff

My aunty’s only been back at the house during from Thursdays to Sundays, and she’s annoyed me twice so far over the same thing. The last time, I’d mentioned that I was bringing lunch to work because I’d wanted to eat more healthily. And she’d scoffed at me. I don’t know why really. I’ve never […]

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BMI cut-offs for Asians

Because Silver had mentioned it, and I went and looked it up, there have been revised BMI cut-offs for Asians. I didn’t read into it that much, but here’s a link to the Singapore government’s article for it. That’s the one I’ll be looking at for future reference. And for those who want a website […]

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Bento 13: Vegan burger with asparagus and teriyaki sauce

Wrapped rice burger, steamed asparagus in teriyaki sauce and cherry tomatoes. I was cooking brown rice and had to do something with drained tofu so I hopped to and got inspired by Maki’s vegan rice burger . I froze two portions of my cooked rice, and made two patties with the last portion. I […]

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Oyako don

I have a day off today, hence the activity blog-wise. Today’s lunch was something quite simple, and is something that I love to eat. Katsudon is one of my favourite meals to order when I’m at a Japanese restaurant. There’s just something delicious about deep-fried fillets of meat covered with some egg on top of […]

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Losing weight?

Over the past two-three years, I’d gained quite a bit of weight. In the beginning, I was in denial, but when I could barely squeeze into my loosest pair of jeans, I had to admit it. -_- It was then that I went and weighed myself. Imagine the shock! From a 45kg person, I’d become […]

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Chilled Cheesecake

My mum’s made this cheesecake since we were kids. It’s got lots of gelatin in it, so it’s more like a jelly kind of dessert that’s slightly smooth and lemony; you can’t taste the cheese at all. We’d made up a batch for a friend of mine, but it didn’t turn out so well. For […]

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Bento 12: Cold Soba with braised pork and mushrooms and asparagus

Dipping sauce, steamed asparagus, braised pork+mushrooms. Soba. Okay, so this is a repeat of bento 04, but the pork this time was cooked with vinegar and less spices. I think the right name for the dish is braised pork. I think. It was leftovers from dinner with some thick succulent mushrooms. Yum. Problem with the […]

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