the seriousness of my diet-ness

Had a delicious sungkai buffet at Le Taj with Nuran last night. And after that we went for gelato because the ice cream served at the buffet was rock hard (too hard to scoop) and not so yummy. I bought a workout video after that. *grin* Nah, I didn’t buy the video because I feel guilty about the food. I ate a lot and enjoyed every bite; not a thought of fat, calories, etc entered my mind. *grin* I had nasi briyani (briyani rice), quite a bit of lamb shank (forgot what it was cooked in), a good portion of fettucine carbonara, a bit of beef kerala, and a bit of nan bread with chicken masala sauce. There was a potato dish; I forgot the name, but it was really yummy too.

I think I should be clearer about my so-called "diet". I’m actually only concerned about my lunches at work. When I eat dinner at home, I cut down on the rice and eat till I’m full. I get full fast depending on the food, so dinner doesn’t really amount to much anyway. So even if I do talk about calories and how much I’m eating, it’s actually all work lunch-related. *grin* And that’s only 4-5 days a week. Heh heh. Some people think I’ve really gotten really concerned about how I’m eating and the calories etc, but no, that’s not all true. ^_~ I like food too much to go on a total diet change. And some folks at work seem to think that I’m eating less yummily because of how my bentos look, but I’m still working on the yummy factor of most of my bentos. While it’s been hit and miss with some of them, I know for sure that I’ll make them all good eventually. ^_~

So anyways, with healthier lunches (most of the week) and an overall increase of greens in my diet, I’m hoping to complement this "healthier" lifestyle with a bit of exercise. So the exercise video is to help. ^_~

I went trekking on Thursday. It was a bit more of an effort than usual, and I also took longer to finish the whole trip. Overall, it was an hour or so trek up and down a few hills. It’s good to know that the stamina I’d built up all those months ago didn’t evaporate despite not having done an inch of exercise for a couple of months or so. The trek was quite refreshing as it was good to feel all that blood pounding through my veins. *grin* We’ll hopefully be doing this trekking thing once a week again.

The exercise video I’d bought was "Kathy Smith – Matrix Method: Power Walk for Weight Loss ". No, it wasn’t the word "weight loss" that grabbed my attention. *laughs* It was the "power walk" part. Really. *laughs*

The workout summary at the back of the dvd was what had really sold me:

"Enjoy an indoor walk with an outdoor feel with this 30-min workout that delivers maximum results in less time. Using light hand weights, you’ll sculpt and tone your upper body while you walk. Plus, burn belly fat and tone your core as you keep those feet moving…"

All through walking. Whee~! I like walking. Nuran had lent me a bellydancing workout video before (Hip Hop Hip Drop and while it seemed fun, I had trouble getting used to the basic steps so when Rania (the instructor) started on the routine, I just couldn’t catch up and that had spoiled it for me. I actually run through the basics twice, before I attempt to do the regular workout, but in the end I gave up after 5-10 minutes. The Kathy Smith video sounds very promising and I’ve watched through the whole thing and it looks quite effortless. *laughs* Kathy also has an okay voice so you won’t get annoyed when she speaks, and her routines look simple and quite fun to do. Will report again when I’ve attempted to workout to the video. ^o^

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