Wedding dinner last night

I was at my cousin’s wedding last night, so I didn’t have time to prepare anything for dinner. Good thing I had some frozen rice in the fridge. ^o^ I had bento #14 (rice in miso soup) again, without the wakame this time cos I forgot to bring some, and with steamed ladies finger and asparagus. Yummy as before.

My cousin’s wedding had been a slightly unusual affair, in that they’d planned it "cocktail dinner party" style, and while they did have tables to dine on, there weren’t enough. Everyone had expected a buffet dinner, where you’d be seated comfortably, and the only standing you’d have to do was when you arrive, get your food and toast the wedding couple. Instead, we had a lot of people who weren’t seated at tables and who didn’t even have chairs to sit on. If you can’t tell, pretty much 80% of the people invited had never been to a cocktail party (myself included) and just as many who didn’t even know there was something called a cocktail party (myself not included).

It wouldn’t have been that bad, but then there wasn’t enough food for the guests. O_o The plates were also heavy, and for those who could to eat for a long time, I admire their strong wrists. There was almost no point in the waiters walking around serving us drinks because those not seated at tables had no extra hands with which to hold a drink and a plate and try to eat. You’d have to accept a drink, and then place the glass on the floor if you wanted to eat. And of course, some knocked over glasses happened.

Maybe more people turned up than invited, but… It was one of the rare times when you went to a Chinese wedding buffet dinner where food ran out. *wince* Oh, there was enough liquor and beer going around, though.

At least I managed to unwind for a little bit on the dance floor at the end. One of the really good things about building up my stamina from going on treks is that I’m able to dance for a long time without feeling winded or tired! Awesome really. *_* Now I just wanna learn how to bellydance so that I can gyrate my lips like Shakira and I’ll be happy. Hahaha~! No, seriously. *_*

The couple looked really happy though. And despite the shortage of food and lack of seating, in truth, I didn’t really mind that much since I was in good company. *grin* I’d say the night went well, despite everything. ^_~

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