Bento 23: Sushi rolls & onigiri

So I’ve been feeling quite lazy the whole of last week when it came to lunches, and my bento had all been last minute rehashings of older bento. I was totally uninspired so in the end, I got my mum to make me sushi rolls. I brought along quite a bit as U and Muran likes to eat them too, and I just like sharing. *grin* Also, as I would be trekking after work, the extras would also serve as an afternoon snack.

I made two onigiri using one of triangular onigiri moulds , and they’re soo easy to use! ^o^ And the shape’s all perfect too. (Except that I made the one on the right too fat/wide.) I wrapped them with lettuce so that they’d be easy to hold and I’d get some fibre in. Inside the bento are cut-up crabsticks (yes, so I was totally uninspired). I love sushi rice (rice with sushi vinegar mixed in); while I could never imagine eating plain rice onigiri no matter that the filling, I absolutely loved these sourish riceballs. ^o^ Maybe I should give actual onigiris a try before I diss them completely, but I’ll make mine sour until then. ^_~

This bento is very different from all my previous bentos because there were little to no veggies included! *_* It really felt quite strange, really. So I added as much lettuce as I could and chomped on all the leaves with the rice, feeling very much like a rabbit. ^_^;

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