Bento 26: Egg Sandwich & Salad

Egg sandwich, not pictured.
Salad: Cherry tomatoes (pesto dressing), boiled chickpeas, steamed broccoli.

As always, I never remember to take pictures of the sandwich. I know I had salad and sandwiches before, but my salad is _slightly_ different, so I thought I’d post about it. *grin* The lunchbox is actually 670ml, though it’s not very densely packed. The light yellow thingy is actually a silicon baking cup. I found it in Hua Ho, a set of 10 for B$4 or so. The thing about it is, I doubt you can use it for any baking because it’s so thin and there are no labels on it to tell you how high a heat it can withstand. As they are though, they make pretty good flexible small containers in your bento boxes.

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