Bento 27: Fried Kway Teow

Fried kway teow with shrimp, veggies and egg.

Not sure what the rest of you outside South East Asia call it, but kway teow (and/or hor fun) is flat rice noddles. I prefer noodles more than kway teow, and kway teow more than mee hoon (or bihun, the thin rice noodles). One of the ways we cook kway teow at home is to fry it. In restaurants, you might see it on the menu as “kway teow goreng”, which means fried kway teow in malay.

This time, bento was kway teow because I was lacking in ideas. We were also out of onions in the house so I couldn’t have rice with veggies and my usual confit. My mum had been given this kway teow by my aunt. It was bought in Limbang (Malaysian state across the border), and it’s thicker than what I’d prefer. But on the whole, it was a pretty usual meal which one might order in a restaurant. Not a lot of veggies in it though, which makes it a less than satisfactory bento meal. =(

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