Misha’s Eye

I could have sworn I mentioned this before. Or maybe I’d meant to post and forgot. ^_^; Yeaps, Misha’s the little kitty I got back in January which had eye problems. The cataract in Misha’s right eye (that’s our right) cleared after a while. And she seems to see fine with it–not that I’ve really tested her sight. The right eye is slightly discoloured though. She’s always been perfectly healthy, despite the eye, so she grew up quite well. ^_^

The left eye is the normal eye, and the right had been the infected eye:

You can see that the colour on the right is slightly darker and there is a dark ring around the iris. The inside white part of the right eye (at the inner corner) also shows up more.

Here’s a normal-contrast pic:

There’s the "chocolatey" colour that you find unusual, Marta.

Here be highly contrasted closeups (normal and irregular eye):

I took these pics ages ago, trying to really capture the irregularities of her right eye. If you could see it in person, sometimes, the dark ring looks like blood floating in the aqueous humour of her eye. I’ll probably try to capture it again, this time hopefully without the reflection you can see in her eyes.

Okay, that’s probably more detail than you’d wanted to see. *laughs* So here’s a cute pic to end the post with:

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