My Misha

Because it seems that I’m now regularly posting (when my internet lets me, anyway), I am determined that it shall not all be about food! Here are pictures of my Misha.

She does look rather exotic in these pictures and I love them. But in reality, she’s a very normal cat. *laughs* She’s one of the prettiest cats we’ve had.

She looks huge here:

My poor baby’s actually been in heat, on and off, and we’re afraid to let her out because she’s not been spayed. My mum’s repeatedly said that if Misha gets preggers, she’d be kicked out of the house. -_- While she wouldn’t carry the threat through, I do not wish to incur her displeasure–especially since I was only able to bring Misha home by promising to guarantee no kittens in her future. So Misha’s been in her room all the time, mewing to get out every time she sees you.

It’s heartbreaking, and at one point, she’d mewed herself really hoarse. But there are a few male cats about and I’ve toughened my heart! So she shall not go off and have sex and have kids. In truth, I would like to let her experience kitty birth at least once, but I don’t know if I’m up to trying to find homes for the kittens and having to be midwife again should there be complications. I’ve never posted about my midwifery experience with Maki, but it had not been pleasant. -_-

I’ll look into getting her spayed when I can. There _is_ an Animal Shelter here now. I wonder if they’ll do charity spaying at half of what the private vets would charge. T_T

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