I fit! *_*

I think I’d mentioned that I’d gained weight and my loosest jeans got so tight, I could just about pop the buttons close and still be able to sit. Well, it’s been many months since then (yes, I _did_ eventually buy a pair of jeans that fit me, though they were poorly made). But anyways, […]

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It feels like it’s been years since I last came online. *_* My internet at night is still not working, and recently, it doesn’t even work before 7pm. It used to only act up around 8 or 9pm. *sobs* The espeed techs have been trying to help us out, but the problem is, they can […]

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Tumpi + Kelupis

Actually, despite bringing bento 21 to lunch, our cleaner lady Jan had brought some food to celebrate hari raya with. And because she’d brought a couple of my favourite local things to eat, I ignored my poor bento and had me some tumpi and kelupis with beef curry. Tumpi is a flatbread of sorts. It’s […]

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Bento 22: Fish & Ladies fingers

Sweet & sour onion+green pepper confit; fish fingers; ladies fingers. Frozen rice (not shown). My mum had packed this bento for me, hence the different look of this lunch. Where I’d always been the first to think about what to bring the next day and talk about it, these days, it’s been my mum asking […]

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Bento 21: Mini rice burger + etc

Mini rice burger: rice patties + tofu patty. Rice fishies, steamed broccoli and tofu patty slotted into the sides; all resting on bed of shredded purple cabbage. Teriyaki sauce was trickled over tofu patties and broccoli. This is a combination of two previous bento, but the fish shapes made it memorable. *laughs* You can’t even […]

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My Misha

Because it seems that I’m now regularly posting (when my internet lets me, anyway), I am determined that it shall not all be about food! Here are pictures of my Misha. She does look rather exotic in these pictures and I love them. But in reality, she’s a very normal cat. *laughs* She’s one of […]

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Crap Internet

I’m highly annoyed with my internet connection. Ever since they started this Go-broadband package thingy some months back, whereby you can use a lil usb wifi-connector like thingy to connect online, there has been a surge of users. To make up for the new cheaper connection plan, Espeed cut our regular 128kbps plan down to […]

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