Quick Update

It’s Sunday, but I actually have to go in to the office for a few hours today for some COB (continuity of business) testing. Which means I can only access the internet this morning, and time’s almost up; I gotta be at the office at 1pm. *sobs* I _will_ get paid for the work, but […]

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Sony PSP

Apparently, I’ve got more backlog of posts than I’d realised because I didn’t post much last weekend. *makes a face* My internet still doesn’t work punctually after 6pm every day. I’m beginning to get irritated as the problem’s gone on for more than a month now. *sigh* It’s only then I realised just how much […]

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Bento Gear part 2

Here’s the other bits that got left behind when WM got me my bento supplies in Taiwan: I got these last month, but never got around to talking about them.

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Bento 28: Fried rice

Fried rice: carrots, luncheon meat (spam), egg. Another bento I didn’t make myself. I meant to prepare a bento the night before, but it just slipped my mind and I couldn’t be bothered. We had a lot of rice (leftover from an office lunch session) so my mum cooked up some fried rice in the […]

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Bento 07 revisited: chicken burger

Burger patty with mayo spread, a chicken patty, a slice of cheese and a fried egg (which _must_ be yolky!). It seems I bring a burger for bento every month. So I guess my challenge is to keep trying to take a decent appetising picture of the burger eventually. *laughs* As always, this is a […]

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Bento 03 revisted: Pasta Salad

Pasta salad: angel hair pasta, steamed broccoli and asparagus, kidney beans, grated carrot; sushi vinegar dressing Bento for the past couple of weeks have been rather dismal as I was too tired to really want to think about anything. And also, colleagues have been treating the entire office to brunch now and then, so there […]

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Of work, and future plans

While at dinner last week, my colleagues and I had been talking about some things, and a certain topic come up and it led me to facing what my current future held for me (again). I’d written about my future before, but it’d been depressing as hell, so I’d never posted it. But here we […]

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